Tuesday, 17 November 2009

An Award

The lovely Mandy has sent me an award ,thank you honey you are so sweet , check out her blog it really is fab, I have to answer with one word so here goes

Where is your cell phone? - kitchen

Hair? -Dyed

Mother ? - Sleeping (probably)

Father ? - Snoring ?(most likely)

Favourite food? -Chocolate
Dream last night ? - Weird

Favourite drink ?- Vodka & Coke

 Dream goal ? - To get fit and slimmer to be matron of honour at my friends wedding next year

What room are you in ? - Lounge

Your hobby ? - Crafting

Your fear? - My kids not being healthy

Where do you want to be in 6 years time ? - Happy and healthy

Where were you last night ? - Home

Something you aren't ? - Thin

Muffins ? - White chocolate and raspberry mmmmmmmmmmmm

Wishlist item ? - More organised craftroom with bigger desk
Where did you grow up ? - Still trying

Last thing you did ? - A few (too many) After Eights

What are you wearing ? - Jammies

Your tv ? - On

Your pets ? - None of the hairy kind just 3 little monsters (that i love to bits)
Your friends ? - fun

Your life ? - hectic

Your mood ? - happy

Missing someone ? - Yes

Vehicle ? - corolla

Something you're not wearing ? - bra 
Your favourite store ? - Next

Your favourite colour ? - Purple

Last time you laughed ? - few miniutes ago

Last time you cried ? - Sunday

Your best friend ? - Avril

One place you go to over and over ? - bed

Person who emails you regularly? - Kirsty
Favourite place to eat? - The Livingroom in Edinburgh

Facebook ? - No

That was really hard to answer with one word , I failed that bit anyways I need to pass this on to 5 lovely people it was hard to pick but here they are -


check out their fabby blogs too


  1. Hun your answers made me chuckle but I do have a bone to pick with you! I didn't realise you are another of those people I am sooooooo jealous of as you have a craft room, not only a craft room you even have a desk in your craft room OMG I am green with envy, I think I'm going to be doomed to sitting on my bed crafting as I keep telling the children I don't mind if thay feel the need to spread their wings and fly the nest but the selfish devils make no attempt to go so I can't have a CRAFT ROOM sob sob, does your heart bleed for me lol
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. Hi Karen..thank you soo much for the award it means a lot to me..can I come back later and take it as we are waiting for the lovely computer guy to sort out my computer and upgrade me to windows seven and I think he has just arrived...
    Mandy xx

  3. Hee thanks you so so much pet for the wee award! loved your answers made me laugh so much! It means so much to me this wee award! off to pop it on now! thanks much hee love melly mwah xxx

  4. Hi Karen, thank you so much, what a lovely thing to log onto and find! Will post it on my blog in a couple of days when I have time to answer all the questions. Loved your answers! I had a look at your hubby's photos yesterday and they are fantastic, what a talented pair you are! Thanks again for thinking of me. Tracey xxx


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