Sunday, 13 December 2009

Two Awards Thank You So Much

 Received this lovely award from Tracey , thank you so much , please pop over to her blog as her cards are gorgeous and definately worth a look.
The requirements are that I tell you 5 interesting things about myself and then pass the award along to 5 other people , so here we go

  1. When our first baby was due we picked a boy name and a girl name and kept them secret, when we had our son we still never told anyone the name incase we ever had a girl and wanted to use it for her. She eventually appreared after 2 boys (dont really think I would have had more than three so was delighted we could use the name Rhiann). Our poor second son never had a name for a couple of days as we couldn't decide on a second boy name but he suits it really well.
  2. I have tried loads of crafty things over the years ,cake making, knitting (machine and hand), cross stitch, sewing but I am a little impatient with crafting and like an immediate result therefore cardmaking suits me to a tee.
  3. Made our wedding invitations in 2001 but never thought handmade birthday cards etc could look so good and never tried cards again until 2007 and now I am hooked but I cringe at my first cards, (bet most of us do).
  4. First met my husband when he walked into our office in 1995 to sort out a pay query with my friend on payroll and thought " he's a bit of all right!" even though we had both worked at the Airport for the same company for 5 years before that.  We chatted briefly and he later asked me out now been together 14 and a half years.
  5. I hate conflicting noise ie a tv on and music playing within earshot of each other it really does my head in!!!!

They all have fabulous cards on their blogs so please take a look.

Tracey and Angela also sent me this award

 there are some rules for this one as follows:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Copy the award to your blog
3) Link to the person to whom you received this award
4) Share 7 interesting things about myself
5) Nominate 7 other bloggers
6) Link to the 7 people who you are giving this award to
7) Leave messages on their blogs to let them know about the award

so can I just add two more interesting things to the five above?

6) Just after my 40th birthday I got stopped while shopping for a survey for 19 to 25 year olds (maybe she was being funny or wasnt paying attention but I'm telling myself its because I still look like a spring chicken !!!lol

7)  I thought when I had kids everything would be tidy with shoes etc all lined up ready for school the night before and they would queue up at the door to kiss me goodbye before going to school early (ha! what planet was I living on!!!!!! my house seems to be total chaos and I'm chasing them out the door to stop them being late whilst shoving lunch into their school bags, I dont think my crafting has helped this situation lately.

I am also going to cheat and only add another two as its lovely to get these awards but this has taken me nearly all night whilst watching the X Factor (poor Stacey but the boys are great) and I need to get to bed ,very busy day tomorrow, football, parties and a my hubby is doing a photoshoot for my friends kids and nephew and needs my help , oh well just have to leave the housework again!!!

The other two bloggers to get this award is


They also have great cards on their blogs and you should pay them a visit.

Anyway thats enough about me time to hit the sack and hopefully post some cards soon as I have loads of orders to do.  Bye for now and thanks again to Tracey and Angela for the awards love K x

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Dad Birthday card

Coloured  Penny black image with promarkers , paper from docrafts many moons ago printed sentiment direct to card gems and card from stash

thanks for looking and any comments ....................K x
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